Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 04:30

EcoScapes offers comprehensive year-round landscape maintenance, attentive to detail and providing a constant commitment to the health and care of our clients’ outdoor spaces. Contracts generally are scheduled for weekly or bi-monthly visits, or can be tailored as needed. We offer annual contracts, which qualify the client for priority scheduling and ensures consistent care through the seasons. These contracts include irrigation activation and shut off services, and seasonal adjustments, unless requested otherwise. We also provide maintenance services on a time and materials basis for those seeking a Spring or Fall clean-up, an occasional visit or irrigation system turn on or off.

EcoScapes practices environmentally friendly, plant focused, sustainable care for landscapes.

We provide direct communications with our crew leads to insure scheduling and work prioritization to accommodate client needs.
We plant, prune and transplant focusing our attention on the health of plants and uniqueness of the individual site.
For aesthetic appeal and consistency, we keep garden beds and hardscapes clean from accumulated debris, turf areas trimmed and mulches raked. Organic matter can be hauled to green waste or left on site to be composted or for other aspects of land stewardship, such as erosion control.
We do not use any herbicides or pesticides.
Plant vitality is practiced by building healthy, organic soil structure through the use of proper soil amending. To insure precious water retention, we incorporate Mycorrhizae into the soil and use a variety of mulching techniques.
EcoScapes delivers water via appropriately placed irrigation emitters and with passive water harvesting techniques.

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