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EcoScapes specializes in landscape design and build services in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a landscape designer on staff, we provide commercial and residential, eco-friendly, design-build landscaping services. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients through all stages of the landscape design and construction processes to establish and sustain an eco-friendly landscape. Learn more about each aspect of our company on our services pages, and browse the galleries to see striking images of our work.


Conserve & Irrigate

EcoScapes works responsibly within the arid southwest, which translates to an appropriate choice of plantings, application of mulch and inclusion of water conservation methods. Our comprehensive designs encompass elements of both active and passive water harvesting techniques, grey water and drip irrigation systems. To maximize the water resources that flow through the property.


Custom Water Storage Tanks

Ferrocement rainwater storage vessels are an exceptional and innovative water containment option. EcoScapes’ ferrocement cistern tanks are uniquely constructed and customizable, making them a particularly ideal choice where rainwater storage, visual appeal, and dual functionality (e.g. privacy, shading, separation of spaces or as a landscape retaining method) are important.


Do you want to conserve and harvest water?
Let us tell you about Ferrocement water tanks.

About Our Company

EcoScapes of Santa Fe was founded in 2001 with the inspiration to create a full-service landscaping company that designs, builds, and maintains beautiful landscapes while remaining mindful of the local ecology and limited water resources. (After some time, it became clear that our main passion was transforming spaces. So we introduced our maintenance clients to other individuals and enterprises that focused on these services). Our work is influenced by a love for New Mexico and its unique climate and architectural styles. Through observation and experience, the valleys and foothills around Santa Fe speak to us with their distinct needs and sensitivities. Whether reviving an established garden or commencing a design on a newly completed building, we try to understand the land, the plants, and our client’s needs. We are committed to conserving and rejuvenating the natural environment and creating spaces that fulfill the human spirit.


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