Vegetable gardening in the Southwest (May)


A few things I have learned from vegetable gardening in Santa Fe the last 10 years or so….

  • It’s not always easy! Fending off the gophers, rabbits, squirrels, mice, and deer can take some effort, it takes careful strategizing and a strong fence if you want any bounty for yourself
  • Be prepared for any weather – snow in late April, hail storms in June and torrential downpours in September !
  • It’s all about the soil- loosening and nourishing the soil is the key to a thriving garden
  • Some vegetable, like tomatoes need weekly application of “food”. I really like Age Old Organics “In Full Bloom” from Agua Fria Nursery. Once I started applying this on a regular basis, my plants really started to take off.
  • Different vegetables require different locations and different planting times especially taking into consideration the dry, heat we typically experience in Late May/June. Vegetables that prefer cooler temperatures either need to be planted earlier in the season or in a location that they can get some protection in the afternoons.