Now Is the Time to Have your Pinons Pruned

Pinyon pinePruning of live Pinon branches in Santa Fe is best done between November and March. Opening wounds at other times of the year can make the tree susceptible to a Bark Beetle infestation which can potentially kill your tree. 

Pruning a Pinon Pine can transform the tree from a generic specimen to a captivating focal point, as long as, the pruning is proportionate to the individual tree. For the health of the tree, most of the pruning should be to the lower limbs of Pinon Pine, not to the crown. Pruning lower limbs of pinons can make a landscape more firewise, improve the aethetics of the individual trees, and, perhaps, allow for greater functional use of the land under the pinons, depending on their location. Pruning should be done carefully so that the amount removed should be no more than 1/3 of the tree canopy and enough lower limbs left in place so that the tree can still shade it’s own root zone. A tree should never be “lollipoped” (removal of more than 1/2 of the branches from the base) which will stress the tree and it make it more susceptible to disease.

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