EcoScapes Builds Custom Water Storage Tanks

EcoScapes Landscaping installs a variety of types of rainwater storage tanks based on our client’s individual needs. In 2016 leading into 2017, we had a surge of interest in the construction of Ferrocement Storage Vessels. Each unique Ferrocement tanks is custom built on site out of steel and concrete to fulfill our client’s stormwater storage goals, as well as, satisfy the properties specific requirements.

Ferrocement vessels consist of a thin sheet of cement mortar spread over a reinforced cage made of expanded metal mesh and steel bars. They are completely customizable making them an ideal choice where water catchment, visual appeal, and dual functionality (such as privacy, shading, wall separation) are important. Construction is of strong, long-lasting materials that are easily repairable. When properly designed and installed, they will withstand the arid Southwest’s weather extremes. Ferrocement vessels can also be constructed in locations inaccessible to many other large rainwater containers, due to slope angles,lack of space or difficulty to access site.

EcoScapes has built ferrocement rainwater storage tanks in Santa Fe county over the past five years and was recently granted a building permit to construct a ferrocement tank within Santa Fe city limits. The approved tank has the potential to hold 6,000 gallons of stormwater in a round cylinder tank constructed on site according to a structural engineer’s tank design. This storage vessel is designed is in accordance with ACI (American Concrete Institute) Committee’s ‘Guide for the Design, Construction, and Repair of Ferrocement’ specifications. When completed, the ferrocement tank will be partially buried (4′ deep) and partially above ground and will appear as a curved portion of a 6′ tall garden privacy wall.

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