Desert Lawns

Gramma seeding-sm

Living in a desert may have you thinking that a lawn is not practical or efficient, but there are ways to put a lawn in that is practical and useful. A small drought tolerant lawn can be a wonderful addition to your landscape.

Picking the right watering method and adjusting it properly will help you save gallons of water. In our arid climate it is easy for most sprayers to “mist” causing unnecessary evaporation, to combat this there are multiple efficient sprayers. They cost a little more, but the water has a better chance of reaching the ground, which in turn leads to less water use and a happier lawn.

Native grasses and wildflowers once established only need to be watered about every week and these can be very attractive substitutions for a traditional lawn (photos- newly seeded in top left and at maturity in lower right photo). Ground covers, such as Creeping thyme or Turkish SpeedLandscape Architecture and Design by Ecoscapeswell can also be used to keep root zones cooler and help to retain moisture in the ground below.

Give EcoScapes Landscaping a call to install a small area of drought tolerant sod or help to maximize you current set up, for efficient and smart water use.

Chris Hollis (Irrigation specialist)