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Five of the Best Perennials for Those Shady Spots In Your Santa Fe Gardens

Five of my favorite perennials for those shady corners of your Santa Fe garden include ‘Honorine Jobert’ Anemone, Cranesbill, Coral Bells, Echinacea, and Plumbago. — Peggy Wright (Masters in Landscape Architecture)                    

Investing in Your Landscape

First and foremost, most homeowners want a landscape that they can use and enjoy while living in their home, but if they are contemplating selling their home in the next 3-5 years, it is always a good idea to consider whether you will get a return on your investment. According to experts in the field, upgrading 

Hints for Working with a Landscape Designer

As winter melts into spring, it is time to make plans for next summer’s garden. Whether you have bare earth or sections of an existing landscape that could use a little reworking, winter months are the perfect time to meet with EcoScapes landscape designer, Peggy Wright, and draw up plans for a new garden. After careful consideration of the past 

Winter Mulching

The winter months are a great time to mulch. Mulching will benefit your plants in the winter by helping hold moisture in the soil, slowing erosion, and providing insulation to the root zones of plants. Mulches are categorized into two main groups : ones that biodegrade into the soil like composted bark chips or pecan shells