Hints for Budgeting Your Landscape Project

One of the trickiest aspects of landscape design is trying to fit the installation of a landscape design into a clients budget. It is very helpful when the client has a realistic view of potential costs, so that together the designer and the client can come up with a design that both fulfills the clients wishes and fits within their budget. Some hints and ballpark figures to begin the design process :

  • Get a rough idea of Hardscaping costs before you begin – Flagstone or Porphyry will run $24-$32/square foot, while Brick or Concrete pavers can be more economical at $14-$20/square foot. Consider using gravel or crusher fines for your patio and pathways if the cost of pavers is too high or contemplate scaling down the square footage of a proposed patio
  • You get what you pay for  For example, “economical” metal edge from a home improvement store tends to chip and bend over time, while the 1/8″ gage Steel edge installed by the EcoScapes construction crew is practically indestructible, but does have a higher initial cost
  • Patience saves money – Consider installing smaller plants and trees as a cost saving measure
  • Install your project in Stages – If finances are limited, focus on one side of your house at a time. Consider beginning with the area that you use the most or that you look at every day from your kitchen window or perhaps the entry area if you are considering putting your home on the market, then work your way around to other parts of the garden.

— Peggy Wright, Masters in Landscape Architecture