The EcoScapes design team commits to generate ecologically sound landscapes, suited to clients’ needs and personal aesthetic. Working collaboratively EcoScapes develops a continuous style, threading various design elements together with the natural and built environments. EcoScapes can accommodate a range of client needs, ranging from a simple planting scheme to full-scale AutoCad drawings, which may include Hardscape, Planting, Irrigation, and Stormwater catchment plans.


The Perspective

The initial interview with a client establishes a working relationship, and sets the stage to understand individual tastes and practical needs. Our designers carefully consider the balance between horizontal and vertical elements in the garden and the creation of focal points for each area of the garden. The addition of stone patios, walls, and benches can expand the living space of a residence for a client’s personal and entertaining needs.  Stone work and built structures also give a sense of permanence or belonging to the surrounding landscape. 

Ecoscapes‘ designers are well versed in regionally appropriate plantings and welcome the opportunity to respond to a clients desire to attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife to the garden. Designs carefully consider plant selections to establish a symphony of flower and foliage color, contrasting textures, floral scent, and provide seasonal interest.


The Landscape Design Process

Interview & Initial Site Visit: The Design process starts with an in depth interview and discussion with the client to understand current and desired use of the space, special planting considerations, as well as, the client’s overall vision and budget for the project.  Following this meeting, the designer will provide the client with a design contract for review.

Site Analysis: Once a design agreement is in place, the designer will conduct a site visit that includes the analysis of soil, local topography, predominant wind direction, solar orientation, observation of erosion patterns, roof runoff and architectural style of adjacent buildings. Additionally, the designer reflects on the larger context of the property, such as, site, cultural and natural history of the area.

Design Process: The designer envisions various options for the use of the space, diagrams circulation patterns and evaluates the relationships between functional elements. Alternatives are then presented and discussed with the client. The designer develops an initial sketch to help the client understand the overall concept for their garden, followed by detailed drafts and finally the completed design. Once the final design has been accepted by the client, an estimate can be formulated.

Estimate: We aim to have a two week turnaround on all estimates after the design is approved. Ecoscapes can provide estimates for either a portion of or the entire project. As a design and installation nears completion, we provide guidance on maintenance and irrigation practices to secure the ultimate health of the landscape.

Our Services:

Design | Build | Maintain | Conserve & Irrigate