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Save on Water Bills, install rainwater catchment

According to the City of Santa Fe’s 2016 water report, “outdoor watering accounts for about 40 percent of the city’s annual water use”. The City of Santa Fe offers a rebate of .25 cent per gallon of water holding capacity on new cistern installations towards a homeowners future water bills. For example, a 5,000 gallon 

EcoScapes Builds Custom Water Storage Tanks

EcoScapes Landscaping installs a variety of types of rainwater storage tanks based on our client’s individual needs. In 2016 leading into 2017, we had a surge of interest in the construction of Ferrocement Storage Vessels. Each unique Ferrocement tanks is custom built on site out of steel and concrete to fulfill our client’s stormwater storage goals, as well as, satisfy the properties specific 

Don’t Wait Until It Rains

June is typically a dry month, but don’t wait until July to start thinking about rainwater catchment, by then it might be too late to take advantage of the heavy deluges brought on by the Monsoons (we hope). In Santa Fe, the heaviest months for rain are typically July and August after the Monsoonal flow is upon us. In 

Ferrocement Storage Vessels

Ecoscapes utilizes a variety of rainwater storage systems based on client’s needs.  However, the Ferrocement Storage Vessels are the latest innovative rainwater storage technology being used in our arid southwest climate. Ferrocement vessels consist of a thin sheet of cement mortar which is reinforced with a cage made of wire mesh and steel bars.  They