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Deep Winter Watering

Irrigation systems are being turned off and from the surface it seems much of the landscape will soon be sleeping for the next season.  But there’s a lot happening underground and making sure the landscape receives adequate water during the winter months is vital – even more so for plantings having their first winter in a new location.  

Paperless Billing

Greening your Inbox with Paperless Billing Sometimes it is the little things that count. If you’re interested in paperless billing from EcoScapes – which simply means you’ll receive your bill online instead of in the mail – just send us an email to to get signed up. Our monthly clients will receive their online 

The Sustainable Sites Initiative – Green Design & Development

    The Sustainable Sites Initiative, or SITES, is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of landscape design and development world. Where LEED provides guidelines and an attendant rating system for the design and development of buildings, SITES does this for the built landscape. The development of SITES began in earnest in 2005