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Save on Water Bills, install rainwater catchment

According to the City of Santa Fe’s 2016 water report, “outdoor watering accounts for about 40 percent of the city’s annual water use”. The City of Santa Fe offers a rebate of .25 cent per gallon of water holding capacity on new cistern installations towards a homeowners future water bills. For example, a 5,000 gallon 

EcoScapes Builds Custom Water Storage Tanks

EcoScapes Landscaping installs a variety of types of rainwater storage tanks based on our client’s individual needs. In 2016 leading into 2017, we had a surge of interest in the construction of Ferrocement Storage Vessels. Each unique Ferrocement tanks is custom built on site out of steel and concrete to fulfill our client’s stormwater storage goals, as well as, satisfy the properties specific 

Five of the Best Deciduous Trees for Santa Fe

On the whole, deciduous trees in Santa Fe require a bit of extra love and care in order to flourish in our sometimes harsh environment. One of the tree varieties most requested by our clients are aspen trees. Aspens require very specific conditions to thrive. They need to be planted in a protected location, receive regular feedings of 

Five of the Best Perennials for Sunny Spots In Santa Fe Gardens

Five of my favorite perennials for sunny spots in Santa Fe gardens are Pineleaf penstemon, Hummingbird mint, Lavender, Autumn Joy Sedum and Grey Germander. All of these have long lasting blooms, are drought tolerant and love full sun. — Peggy Wright (Masters in Landscape Architecture)              

Winter Mulching

The winter months are a great time to mulch. Mulching will benefit your plants in the winter by helping hold moisture in the soil, slowing erosion, and providing insulation to the root zones of plants. Mulches are categorized into two main groups : ones that biodegrade into the soil like composted bark chips or pecan shells 

Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden

 If you are interested in sheltering your own bee colony or simply supporting the native  bees in your area, it is worth considering what bees need in order to survive and thrive.  Two essentials for bees, as with all living creatures, are a source of water and adequate food stores. In the Southwest, with our frequent dry spells, Bees benefit 

Don’t Wait Until It Rains

June is typically a dry month, but don’t wait until July to start thinking about rainwater catchment, by then it might be too late to take advantage of the heavy deluges brought on by the Monsoons (we hope). In Santa Fe, the heaviest months for rain are typically July and August after the Monsoonal flow is upon us. In