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Five of the Best Deciduous Shrubs for Santa Fe

Five of my favorite deciduous shrubs for gardens in the Santa Fe area are Roses, Western Sand Cherry, Dwarf Korean lilac, Red twig dogwood and Edible Raspberry shrubs. Deciduous shrubs are a good way to provide color and structure to the landscape, with the added benefit of being more tolerant of dog traffic and requiring 

Five of the Best Evergreen Trees for Santa Fe

Five of my favorite evergreen trees for the Santa Fe area are Austrian pines, Blue Atlas Cedars, Bosnian Pines, Pinon pines, and Ponderosa pines. They each provide year round interest and provide the landscape with strong vertical structure. — Peggy Wright (Masters in Landscape Architecture)          

Five of the Best Deciduous Trees for Santa Fe

On the whole, deciduous trees in Santa Fe require a bit of extra love and care in order to flourish in our sometimes harsh environment. One of the tree varieties most requested by our clients are aspen trees. Aspens require very specific conditions to thrive. They need to be planted in a protected location, receive regular feedings of 

Five of the Best Perennials for Sunny Spots In Santa Fe Gardens

Five of my favorite perennials for sunny spots in Santa Fe gardens are Pineleaf penstemon, Hummingbird mint, Lavender, Autumn Joy Sedum and Grey Germander. All of these have long lasting blooms, are drought tolerant and love full sun. — Peggy Wright (Masters in Landscape Architecture)              

Five of the Best Perennials for Those Shady Spots In Your Santa Fe Gardens

Five of my favorite perennials for those shady corners of your Santa Fe garden include ‘Honorine Jobert’ Anemone, Cranesbill, Coral Bells, Echinacea, and Plumbago. — Peggy Wright (Masters in Landscape Architecture)                    

Winter Mulching

The winter months are a great time to mulch. Mulching will benefit your plants in the winter by helping hold moisture in the soil, slowing erosion, and providing insulation to the root zones of plants. Mulches are categorized into two main groups : ones that biodegrade into the soil like composted bark chips or pecan shells 

Southwest Garden Superstar!

Indigo bush, false indigo, or Amorpha fruticosa is a native plant to most the United States and a portion of Canada. Its large geographic range hints at its adaptability and tenacity for growth which, consequently, makes this plant an ideal choice for a myriad of different landscape conditions. Amorpha fruticosa gets its common name from 

Now Is the Time to Have your Pinons Pruned

Pruning of live Pinon branches in Santa Fe is best done between November and March. Opening wounds at other times of the year can make the tree susceptible to a Bark Beetle infestation which can potentially kill your tree.  Pruning a Pinon Pine can transform the tree from a generic specimen to a captivating focal point, as long as, the pruning is 

Growing Lavender in Santa Fe

I love just about every thing about lavender, it’s late summer purple spikes, nice compact rounded shape, and xeric nature. In addition, Lavenders attract butterflies and bees and are rabbit and deer resistant. I have found, however, that attention needs to be paid when picking out a location for lavender, when selecting varieties of lavender, and care given