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Vegetable gardening in the Southwest (May)

  A few things I have learned from vegetable gardening in Santa Fe the last 10 years or so…. It’s not always easy! Fending off the gophers, rabbits, squirrels, mice, and deer can take some effort, it takes careful strategizing and a strong fence if you want any bounty for yourself Be prepared for any weather – snow 

Attracting Hummingbirds to your garden

Hummingbirds make your garden come alive. Whether you are watching them feed, fight one another for territory or simply rest in a tree’s branches, they are a colorful and fascinating additions to your garden. Two of the critical elements that draw hummingbirds into a garden and could potentially encourage them to stay are plenty of forage and access to 

Tent Caterpillars and Fall Webworm

This past summer was a terrible year for tent caterpillars and when we were finally rid of them, out came the Fall Webworm. The insects are easily mistaken as the same caterpillar as both will defoliate trees and form large webbed communal masses on their host tree in their caterpillar stage. They do, however, have some significant differences 

Is There Anything You Can Do in Your Garden in February?

February in Santa Fe is a roller coaster of cold snowy days intermixed with dry mild days. Most of my free time in February, is filled with backcountry ski excursions, my daughter’s swim meets and indoor projects, but occasionally I glance at my garden and get the desire to drag a hose out to water or pull the pruning shears out 

Snow on Cactus

  There is some thing really sublime about new snow in the garden. Freshly fallen snow works it’s magic highlighting boulders, stone fountains, stucco walls and plants with particularly strong structures. One of my favorite plants for winter interest, ornamental grasses, get bent and broken by the weight of snow, yet many cactus varieties hold their form and really stand out with 

Perennials Through the Winter

  Winter is a time to enjoy the subtle tan, gold and brown tones in your garden. Winter garden don’t give you the “pop” of color that we so love in the summer months, but it exposes the fundamental structure of plants and provides more subtle hues in similar tones. Trees, Ornamental grasses and Shrubs are really the