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Is There Anything You Can Do in Your Garden in February?

February in Santa Fe is a roller coaster of cold snowy days intermixed with dry mild days. Most of my free time in February, is filled with backcountry ski excursions, my daughter’s swim meets and indoor projects, but occasionally I glance at my garden and get the desire to drag a hose out to water or pull the pruning shears out 

Snow on Cactus

  There is some thing really sublime about new snow in the garden. Freshly fallen snow works it’s magic highlighting boulders, stone fountains, stucco walls and plants with particularly strong structures. One of my favorite plants for winter interest, ornamental grasses, get bent and broken by the weight of snow, yet many cactus varieties hold their form and really stand out with 

Southwest Garden Superstar!

Indigo bush, false indigo, or Amorpha fruticosa is a native plant to most the United States and a portion of Canada. Its large geographic range hints at its adaptability and tenacity for growth which, consequently, makes this plant an ideal choice for a myriad of different landscape conditions. Amorpha fruticosa gets its common name from 

Sacred Datura Datura Meteloides

Datura or Datura meteloides is one of my personal favorites for its drought tolerance, tolerance of poor soil, striking appearance, and mysterious nature.   This plant is considered an icon of the Southwest thanks to Georgia O’Keeffe’s many famous paintings of the plant. Datura has a long history with the Native peoples of the Southwest and was