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Tent Caterpillars and Fall Webworm

This past summer was a terrible year for tent caterpillars and when we were finally rid of them, out came the Fall Webworm. The insects are easily mistaken as the same caterpillar as both will defoliate trees and form large webbed communal masses on their host tree in their caterpillar stage. They do, however, have some significant differences 

Is There Anything You Can Do in Your Garden in February?

February in Santa Fe is a roller coaster of cold snowy days intermixed with dry mild days. Most of my free time in February, is filled with backcountry ski excursions, my daughter’s swim meets and indoor projects, but occasionally I glance at my garden and get the desire to drag a hose out to water or pull the pruning shears out 

Now Is the Time to Have your Pinons Pruned

Pruning of live Pinon branches in Santa Fe is best done between November and March. Opening wounds at other times of the year can make the tree susceptible to a Bark Beetle infestation which can potentially kill your tree.  Pruning a Pinon Pine can transform the tree from a generic specimen to a captivating focal point, as long as, the pruning is 

The Gophers of Santa Fe

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to watch out for everyone’s favorite, the Pocket Gopher. Many parts of Santa Fe, particularly in the downtown area and the more densely developed areas, seem to be relatively free of gopher activity, but for those of us living on the rural edges and outskirts