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Vegetable gardening in the Southwest (May)

  A few things I have learned from vegetable gardening in Santa Fe the last 10 years or so…. It’s not always easy! Fending off the gophers, rabbits, squirrels, mice, and deer can take some effort, it takes careful strategizing and a strong fence if you want any bounty for yourself Be prepared for any weather – snow 

Five of the Best Deciduous Shrubs for Santa Fe

Five of my favorite deciduous shrubs for gardens in the Santa Fe area are Roses, Western Sand Cherry, Dwarf Korean lilac, Red twig dogwood and Edible Raspberry shrubs. Deciduous shrubs are a good way to provide color and structure to the landscape, with the added benefit of being more tolerant of dog traffic and requiring 

Edible Estates

We are all very enthusiastic about Edibles and Edible Landscaping here at EcoScapes.  For many reasons the family or home garden is making a resurgence in popular American culture, which we believe is a good thing. First and foremost,  food and food production is the most vital and primitive link humans have to the natural world.  Even casual gardening helps one develop a stronger connection to the natural world that we are an inexorably a part of. Growing your own food is also a good way to save money (something most of us are looking to do).  As such I thought I would share this video on the topic of the Edible Estate with you all.   Enjoy!  -Sam

Tip of the Month – Direct Sowing

When direct sowing radish, lettuce, carrots, beets, kale, broccoli,etc plan to moisten the surface at least once a day (two or three times is better!) while germination is proceeding. The key is consistency! If seeds begin to germinate and then dry out, that could be the end of it for that seed. Some seeds, like