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Michael Nelsen: Owner and Principal

Before pursuing a major in English Literature and numerous educational courses, Michael spent long days with his grandfather digging and repairing water wells in rural Nebraska.  Those early years with his wise progenitor instilled an appreciation of the precious value of our water resources and the need to conserve and protect them.  He also gained 

Peggy Wright: Principal Designer

Peggy Wright received a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of New Mexico in January of 2007. Peggy believes that creating landscapes weaves her desire to create art and understand the science of nature. Prior to the completion of her Masters, she was a principal designer with a leading jewelry firm in Santa Fe 

EcoScapes’ 2016 Landscaping Crew

Our dynamic landscaping crew chooses to work with EcoScapes year after year because of the creative projects we are fortunate to install in Santa Fe and beyond. The staff enjoys working in diverse settings, transforming outdoor living spaces, and focusing on appropriate design and installation for the arid southwest.