Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

A New Stone Wall

We recently finished building a new wall for a client here in Santa Fe that I am personally very fond of. I love the curvilinear form of this wall and how is rises out of the landscape. This really is just one more example of the truly fine stone work we produce as well as 

Paperless Billing

Greening your Inbox with Paperless Billing Sometimes it is the little things that count. If you’re interested in paperless billing from EcoScapes – which simply means you’ll receive your bill online instead of in the mail – just send us an email to billing@ecoscapesnm.com to get signed up. Our monthly clients will receive their online 

Tree Care Tips for the Winter

Before the onset of Winter, don’t forget to provide a Deep-Watering to your trees once every two weeks or so until the ground freezes. This is particularly important with evergreens and any tree planted within the last year. After watering, it will make your life easier, if you drain your hose and store it on the south 

The Sustainable Sites Initiative – Green Design & Development

    The Sustainable Sites Initiative, or SITES, is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of landscape design and development world. Where LEED provides guidelines and an attendant rating system for the design and development of buildings, SITES does this for the built landscape. The development of SITES began in earnest in 2005 

What Did Your Garden Have for Lunch?

Being a bit of a “foodie” I am always curious what one’s most recent meal was and even what food your garden had!  Native Santa Fe area soil is notorious for generally being low in organic matter resulting in low nitrogen and phosphorous levels.  Soil nutritional levels can be improved significantly by simply amending the 

Edible Estates

We are all very enthusiastic about Edibles and Edible Landscaping here at EcoScapes.  For many reasons the family or home garden is making a resurgence in popular American culture, which we believe is a good thing. First and foremost,  food and food production is the most vital and primitive link humans have to the natural world.  Even casual gardening helps one develop a stronger connection to the natural world that we are an inexorably a part of. Growing your own food is also a good way to save money (something most of us are looking to do).  As such I thought I would share this video on the topic of the Edible Estate with you all.   Enjoy!  -Sam